Tedious Questions

1. Can you feel each internal organ operating?
(a) Streetlights go out over me as I walk under them.
(b) Streetlights turn on over me as I walk under them.
(c) A sublime abstraction.
(d) I won’t tell if you don’t.

2. Are you prepared to be satisfied with a vague immanence?
(a) mechanical soliloquy
(b) all peaceful on the ocean floor
(c) broken bottles reflecting sunlight
(d) strange happenings in small towns

3. Will the trains run on time?
(a) I will grow up to be my father.
(b) I will grow up to be my mother.
(c) Crisp money from an ATM.
(d) The trains will run on time.

4. Was it worth it?
(a) only optically
(b) fresh stench of unwashed bodies
(c) hours spent inside a windowless office
(d) the brilliant minds of the Manhattan Project

– Eric Phetteplace

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