Long blinding blundering afternoon at Mondy’s
– Where the fuck are we going tonight?
– He messaged me asking if I’d be at Insom
Beer and laughter spin heady round
The waiter is ugly and gives you lecherous looks
A city caught mid-crash by the flashbulb sun
Frozen into twisting showers of glass concrete and splintered currency
Incandescent jewels burn spice in your nerves
– That’s gorgeous, buy that
Giddy steps leave bright holes in the sidewalk
Cobweb glimmers of yellow and red
Hem you in in noisy traffic tangles
– Look at that, they spelled “horn” as “horan”!
The evening softly at Trats
Unceasing sounds of jazz and families
Clink of crystal- to being nineteen!
I don’t want to die
– Do you remember what a piss-off you were in school!
– I have nothing to wear tonight, fuck
Insomnia 1 am shot after shot of kamikaze
Delicious pulse of bass and vodka trembling arteries
– I have to be home at 2 so call me tomorrow about lunch
Rosy flesh pounds the wide shores
on the dance floor
– I think I might be having a mid-life crisis
– You mean quarter-life crisis asshole
Cigarette-grey smell
– Let’s go to Ra this sucks
And you sit on the steps of the Taj looking at the
Moonlit oceans
Neonlit mosque
as you wait for your car you
cry with happiness

– Revti Gupta

Download “Bombay” as a PDF.


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