West Mexico Ceramics

Colima, Jalisco, Nayarit
We are unafraid here, and within
The neat cup of our arms is where
We hold everything in place
You think we do not speak because
Our faces have been baked into
Expressions of open-mouthed surprise
But we do not need to speak because
Our mouths are flutes, and the
Hollow sound of our voice needs no words
We have no eyes because
The twelve points of the sun act as our guide and
The nine turrets of the moon hang heavy around our neck
We have no feet because
There is no need to run
The earth is our strength
We do not need to stand because
Our bodies are baked from earth
We are complete in and of ourselves
We have no need for legs because
We have no need to flee
Though time grinds scars into our bodies and
Wears the pigment from our skin
We wear no clothing because
The fierce points of our nipples are too proud to hide
And the heavy thrust of our bellies
And the neat sheaves of our penises
Our backs are arched but not in defiance
They are arched because this is how
We hold the earth in place

— Mia Sakai


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